Reviews of my work as a composer:

COXBOX_a4_portrait_large   Cox & Box, Mrs Bouncer’s Legacy – Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

“…there is plenty of surreal farce and the witty lyrics are set to catchy tunes, frequently comically allusive as were Sullivan’s”.

Ron Simpson – What’s on stage

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“…This adaptation of – and sequel to – Arthur Sullivan’s comic operetta nails its satirical targets brilliantly”.

Alfred Hickling – The Guardian

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Great Expectations Great Expectations – Theatre by the lake, Keswick

“…Designer Martin Johns, composer Richard Atkinson and lighting designer Nick Beadle set the scene for us before a word is spoken, allowing the players to mesmerise us with some inspired performances.”

Anne Hopper – The Stage

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Buttermere The Maid of Buttermere – Theatre by the Lake, Keswick

“…an evocative chamber score from Richard Atkinson.”

Alfred Hickling – The Guardian

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tom Tom’s Midnight Garden – Theatre by the lake, Keswick

“For any classic, channelling the ‘feel’ of the original is vital, and director Ian Forrest, designer Martin Johns, and composer/arranger Richard Atkinson triumph here. The music, played by cast members Liam Gerrard, Nick Dutton and Dan Wexler, is nicely atmospheric..”

Stephen Longstaffe – What’s on stage

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Reviews of my work as a Musical Director:

hairsprayHAIRSPRAY – National Tour 2018

“…the musicians are a talented, sensitive bunch, skilfully led by Richard Atkinson and supported by the Sound team – good twiddling, guys!

Tracey Dowson – The Northern Echo

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MarleneMarlene – Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

“…sparkling live musical direction from Richard Atkinson”

Clare Brennan – The Observer

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don Don Giovanni – New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme

“The other miracle of Monks’ Mozart productions is that the musical standards are never compromised. The actors do not use microphones and can really sing. True, they have a much reduced orchestration to sing over, but the five-piece band puts across an extremely eloquent chamber version of the score.”

Alfred Hickling – The Guardian

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