National Insurance regulations to be repealled

The Government has announced that they will repeal the current National Insurance regulations in respect of entertainers, which is great news for Musicians working in the theatre.

Changes to national insurance regulations for Musicians and Entertainers

This would be of huge benefit to musicians. You don’t have to be in the Musicians Union to do it. It takes 10 seconds.

Over the past six months, the MU have been trying to get the Government and HMRC to change the regulations that state that self-employed  musicians now fall under Class 1 National Insurance (NI).

The current situation poses huge problems for musicians  and for those who engage musicians as a result of them having to pay  employees’/employers’ NI.

Film producers, who bring lucrative inward investment  into the UK’s creative economy by way of recording soundtracks for films, are  expressing concern about engaging UK musicians as a result of the extra  expense. If these regulations are not repealed, we may also see the closure of  a number of orchestras.

A consultation document has now been published by HMRC  which supports the MU’s arguments, but it is vital that as many musicians as  possible respond.