Music for the Theatre

mock turtle Song – Turtle Soup

This is the Mock Turtle’s song from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. It was written for the production of the same name at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. It has music by Richard Atkinson, and lyrics courtesy of Lewis Carroll. It is sung by Stephen Boswell, with piano by Richard Atkinson, and was recorded and mixed by Paul Bunn.

The Glass Menagerie – Main ThemeGlass Menagerie

This is the theme from “The Glass Menagerie”, written for the production at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. Tennessee Williams, in his production notes for the script of The Glass Menagerie, says this: “Another extra-literary accent in this play is provided by the use of music. A single recurring tune, “The Glass Menagerie”, is used to give emotional emphasis to suitable passages. This tune is like circus music…. heard when you are at some distance, and very likely thinking of something else. …..When you look at a piece of delicately spun glass you think of two things: how beautiful it is, and how easily it can be broken.” I have tried to capture some of this with this theme.

Song – The Blue Room Blue room

This is a song written for “The Blue Room” by David Hare, and performed at Theatre By The Lake in Keswick. It has lyrics by David  Hare, and music by Richard Atkinson. In the play, a very pretentious playwright has written a song, and uses it to seduce a young model. The song is therefore somewhat overblown, and pretentious. It is sung here by Kieran Buckeridge, with Richard Atkinson on piano.

little local difficulty  March – The Government Inspector

This is a march, written for a production of “A Little Local Difficulty” (a new version of Gogol’s “The Government Inspector”, written  by Philip Goulding) at Oldham Coliseum. The music is by Richard Atkinson, and was recorded by a local brass band – The United Norwest Co-op Milnrow Brass Band.


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