Strange Voyages

“Strange Voyages”  is a cycle of 4 short operas based on Gulliver’s travels, with a libretto by Chris Monks, and music by Richard Atkinson. It is written for a professional actor in the part of “Lem” (sung here by Conrad Nelson), with all others parts played by young people. It is designed to be modular, in that there is a prologue and epilogue that can be put around any, or all of the 4 parts. In this way 1 group of young people could perform the whole cycle, or several groups could perform one part each. Parts 1 & 2 have both been performed at the Victoria Hall, Stoke-on-Trent (with “Lem” being played by Conrad Nelson, and David Beckford respectively), and part 1 has also been produced at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough (with “Lem” played by Kieran Buckeridge). Parts 3 & 4 are still in development.


seaNothing To See

seaSave The Giant

seaThe Middletoukingian Irrational Tantrum

seaMini-Primester’s Questions

seaJourney To Knotterstone

seaThe Bootiful Game

seaGinny’s Advice



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