The first in the series of GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST is Aladdin – at Salisbury Playhouse in 1998, written by Kate Edgar and Colin Wakefield.

Kate and Colin had been staging successful Pantomimes at Salisbury Playhouse for several years. This was my very first Musical Directorship of a Christmas Show, although it was my second year in Salisbury, having played keyboards the previous year for JACK AND THE BEANSTALK.

Personal Highlights:

> Getting to MD my 1st Panto.

> Working with a second member of the Secombe dynasty (On this occasion the fabulous Katy, having previously worked with Andrew on my first ever job – Annie at the Liverpool Playhouse). I was lucky enough to meet Sir Harry when they came to see the Panto – “Ah yes, the one bobbing his head throughout the show” he said!

> As a fan of the Carry On films, getting to work with the lovely Julie Stevens, also known as “Gloria from Bristol” from “Carry on Cleo” and one time member of the PlayAway team. (Jonathan Cohen was one of my inspirations to play the piano as a primary school child. Check out Julie and Jonathan here, along with Brian Cant, Toni Arthur, and Tony Robinson:

The Full cast was : Rebecca Arch, Gary Bates, Simon Egerton, Rachel Matthews, Stan Pretty, Katy Secombe, Julie Stevens, Dale Superville, Bob Whelan, & James Wilson.

Julie Stevens & Katy Secombe

Favourite Theatrical Anecdote:

Being a regional producing theatre, Salisbury had their next show in rehearsal whilst we were performing the Panto. In this case, Noël Coward’s BLITHE SPIRIT, and was to star Fenella Fielding as Madame Arcati. As is usual in a building on day one of rehearsals, there was a big “Meet and greet”, with the dreaded “go round the circle, and say your name and what you do”. Having completed my obligatory “I’m Richard, and I’m the MD for Aladdin”, up stepped the aforementioned Madame Arcati, and in her unmistakeable voice simply said “I’m Fenella”, and sat back down. As I may have already mentioned (🙈) I’m a big Carry on fan, so this was quite a moment for me – I was only disappointed she didn’t say “Do you mind if I smoke”. For those unfamiliar with what on earth I’m on about – you can see for yourself here:

Here’s a very short clip of the curtain calls (From the days before smart phone video recording in HD!), with me clearly channeling Rolf from the Muppets!

WRITTEN BY Colin Wakefield & Kate Edgar; DIRECTOR – Kate Edgar; DESIGNER – Simon Higlett; CHOREOGRAPHY & MUSICAL STAGING – Bill Deamer; LIGHTING DESIGN – Pete Hunter; SOUND DESIGN – Gina Hills; DSM ON THE BOOK – Rhian Thomas; KEYS 2 – Dean Austin; DRUMS & PERCUSSION – Lyn Edwards

Please feel free to add your own memories of the show below, or on the posts on Facebook and Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST – 1. Aladdin

  1. Great memories. Thank you Richard. Wasn’t it wonderful to work with a wonderful cast and musicians in a great, fun show and in front of packed audiences. I loved that Panto, although my beautiful hand-made soft leather red boots didn’t breath and left me with my worst ever athletes foot and an ingrowing toenail that needed an operation. Merry Christmas and a Happy (and better) New Year! Bob Whelan

    • Lovely to hear from you Bob. It really was a great show to work on, and such a lovely bunch of people. Hope the athlete’s foot has cleared up now. 🤪
      Season’s greetings to you and yours. Xx

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